I can't say I'm the LEAST text-savvy, but I did JUST learn what the upside-down smiley face meant (it means you're being sarcastic...like if I texted "OMG, I LOVE Monday meetings that last 3 hours", I'd follow it up with the upside-down smiley.).

There's an entire language your teen may be using to communicate certain things to their friends.  When you ask to see their phone to see what they've been talking about, you might just see a series of emoji's.  Take a look at what they MAY be saying...

There's actually an online resource to try to define some emoji you might not be familiar with.  See that here.

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Have you found any of these secret messages in your kids' phones?

Oh, by the way, there's another social-media-type thing going on that you should know about...

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