It doesn’t matter where you travel around Buffalo, if it’s a bar or pub, you will run into these type of guys.

I moved here as a singleton, just a year ago, and I will tell you the men in Buffalo are unique.  Whether you’re at a Tiki Bar off Lake Erie, eating wings at Anchor Bar, or beer sampling at 42 North Brewing Company, these six dudes will be in the house.

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    The Guy That Knows Someone in Your Family

    It's true. In Buffalo, you go somewhere, introduce yourself, and there is always a guy who will have a link to someone in your family. It seems like a stretch sometimes, and chances are he's just using it to start a conversation...

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    The Fighter

    Okay, this is the guy you hope isn't at every bar.  He goes out quite often though, so you will run into him.  He was probably the bully in grade school and is still itching for a fight. Luckily there are bouncers!

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    The Dancing Bro

    Ah yes, this bro is the one you can't stop watching. He can't help moving to every song, and usually lip syncs, like he is in his own private world. He may come with buddies, but they have moved closer to the bar, because their dancing bro is getting sweaty, and needs a bit of room.

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    The Guy That Reminds You the "Night is Young"

    There is always one guy in the group that loves to remind you that you are a jerk for going home early.  I mean, as he likes to tell you, there are "more pubs, live music, eats, come on!"  He might add on, "you only live once" or "what are you going to do at home?"

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    The One Who's Too Drunk

    This is the guy that has told you he loves you multiple times, even though you only know each other from work.  You ask for his keys and he is soooooo surprised.

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    The Super-Fan

    Coming from Packerland (and yes, I am still a cheese-head), I never expected to meet such ardent and devoted fans.  Whether it's the Bills, Sabres, or Bandits, every bar has one or more Super-Fans in it.  He is known to have several jerseys that he rotates so he doesn't seem too odd.

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