It's not the tangible things that you should be worried about, but the people that surround you in your life.

Delilah explains that what matters most in her life aren't only the little trinkets that have memories attached to them, but the people in her life that have made those memories possible.

Guess what? I don’t care that my house isn’t perfect because I love collecting old stuff. Things like the antique rolling pin and vintage cook ware that hangs on my wall just to delight my eyes – I love hunting for unique treasures! But ultimately I know my stuff is just ‘stuff.’ The people that gather in my kitchen and around my dining room table, they are the true treasures in life.

I don’t care that my house is not put together or that my plates and silverware don’t match. What I do care about are the people in my life and the laughter and silliness they bring into my house. I care about the fact that two of my daughters are going away to college in the fall and I’m not just losing them, I’m losing their friends, the 20 or so people in our extended family that I’m used to seeing on a regular basis because they’re all fleeing the nest too. I plan on making the most of this last summer my girls live at home.

I hope you spend more energy focusing on the people in your life versus worrying about everything being in perfect order. Focus on the people, not the stuff. Worry less about trying to impress people and spend more time getting to know them. Something to think about.

What matter most to YOU in your life? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post