1. Police Officers
The University of Maribor in Slovenia did a study on police brutality and corruption, and found that female police officers were less likely to commit police-brutality than males. Out of the $66.3 million that Los Angeles had to pay in police-brutality lawsuits settlements. They found 96% of the lawsuits were caused by male officers.

2. Hedge Fund Managers
According to data appearing in Institutional Investor magazine, an international finance publication, “women are the MVPs of this boy’s club” The study found from January 2000 through May 2009, female hedge fund managers “produced average annualized returns of 9 percent, versus 5.82 percent for the men.”

3. World Leaders
The Pew Research Center conducted a survey on essential leadership skills. The survey had 2,250 “ranked men or women as superior in eight different categories of political aptitude deemed ‘very important or absolutely essential’ to leadership.” The results showed that women came out in the top five out of the eight categories, and tied men in two of them.

4. Newscasters
Is the news more credible when a woman reads it? A study was done in Switzerland in 2008 in which they had test subjects watch real newscast and then had them fill out questionnaires on what they watched. The study showed that people perceived the news as more credible when a woman reads, rather then men. Switzerland’s results may be a little different from the U.S. because 64 % of newscasters in Switzerland are female, compared to the U.S. with just 50% of female newscasters which has gone up from just 13% 30 years ago.

5. Doctors
A study done in 2010 by the American Medical Association found that male doctors are twice and likely to be sued then female doctors.