There were some whacky baby names in 2012. I mean, for crying out loud some twitter-obsessed couple named their kid Hashtag and don’t even get me started with some of these STUPID names these celebrities name their poor children. But, thankfully, the most popular boy and girl’s baby names are not off the chart. They are…

Liam & Emma, according to BabyCenter.


1 Liam Emma         
2 Ethan Olivia         
3 Noah Sophia         
4 Mason Ava         
5 Jacob Isabella         
6 Jack Mia         
7 Aiden Ella         
8 Jackson Emily         
9 Logan Lily         
10 Lucas Chloe      

Know anyone with a baby name on the list? (Side note: Aiden & Sophia have been in the top 10 since 2009)