Forbes Magazine recently release the list of the world's highest paid musicians. And you may be surprised at the results! Because the top three are "old school" rockers that are still touring and raking in big bucks! Check it out:

#1: U2....grossing a cool 195 million

#2: Bon Jovi....125 million. John Bon Jovi still does it for the ladies!

#3: Elton John...100 million. Not slowing down yet!

#4: Lady Gaga...90 million. The first new comer on the list.

#5: Michael Buble...70 million. Buffalo contributed to that when Joy-fm welcomed him to HSBC .

#6: Paul McCartney..67 million. I think he may be a little to old now to tour, but not everybody agrees with me!

Rounding out the top ten are the Black Eyed Peas, Eagles, Justin Beiber, and the Dave Matthews Band.