Carolyn Coles, flickr

Some of these seems like givens, other may surprise you.  

1. Spicy food
Think twice before having spicy food at night.  Eating a big, highly seasoned meal close to bedtime can interfere with your sleep.  Spicy foods can cause heartburn, and that interrupts your sleep.

2. Chocolate or other caffeine-filled food
Caffeine takes a bit to get out of your system.  A taste is find, but I don't recommend downing a candy bar or cup of coffee before turning in.

3. Alcohol
 This one might surprise you.  Since alcohol is a depressant, you'd think it would help you fall asleep, but that's alcohols first affect.  Hours later it can wake you up.

4. Water
Sure, staying hydrated is healthy. But  don't guzzle water at night. Lay off and drinks an hour before you go to bed.

5. Giant meals
Even though after a big meal you feel inclined to pass out for the evening, your body cannot digest heavy meals right before bedtime and can keep you wake.

6. Nothing
Don't go to bed starving either.  Being too hungry makes it difficult to sleep and eating a lot of food makes it difficult to sleep.  I guess try a snack.