They say global warming is a bunch of 'bunk', but in WNY we had an unusually mild winter with little snow. The Lakes never froze over, and it reached 80 degrees in March.

Across the United States June was one of the warmest on record and as July draws to a close the trend for unusually warm weather continued.

Temperatures in June and the first week of July qualified this summer so far as one of the top-three hottest summers in the continental United States since 1950, said Bob Smerbeck, a senior meteorologist at
"I think it has a chance to get into the top three whether it is the top one remains to be seen, we still have the rest of July and August," Smerbeck told LiveScience.

Western New York has experienced drought conditions with very little sustained rain this summer. We have had the occasional thunderstorm, but the real 'soakers' have been missing. It is too early according to experts to say what the remainder of the summer has in store, and short term there is a chance of thunderstorms almost every day this week. Keep the fans and air conditioners going, drink plenty of water, enjoy swimming, and picnics, baseball, and soccer.

I know what you are thinking...was last winter just an anomaly? Thankfully we have at least a few more months before we'll find out.