This week I asked my wife when is our niece graduating from Newfane High School? Then we both realized it would be in just a couple of weeks! Graduating is both a thrilling , and scary event. You’re leaving the structure of a school system you've know since kindergarten, and either heading to college, the workforce, or the military.

 It’s time to become an adult, and that can be scary! My humble advice, continue to learn. Learn as much as you can. If you’re heading to college, consider a dual major, and going beyond a bachelor’s degree. Heading for the work force? Learn a couple of trades! I can’t believe what car mechanics, plumbers, and electricians make! 

But until then, enjoy your graduation! You've earned it. If you are throwing a graduation party, or attending several. Here are some tips on what not to do from

And let's not forget to celebrate at the graduation ceremony by thanking Mom!