I drive a lot (40,000 miles a year), so the probability of me getting a ticket is pretty good.  Not to mention, I may have a lead foot.  Anything that can keep my ticket count down, the better.

Every driver hates getting a ticket. So when you are pulled over, how do you minimize the damage to your wallet?

1. An officer is in danger as soon as they step out of the car.  What if you have a weapon in your hands?  They don't know.  Make sure they can see your hands and everyone in the cars hands at all times.  Turn on the interior lights so they can see what's going on.  Giving them piece of mind might help give you a break.

2. If an officer asks you what you did wrong, you don't need to admit anything, but be apologetic.  Play dumb. You can say, ‘What did I do?’ And if he tells you what you did, you could say, ‘I must have…you know, I just didn't realize it".

3. Women have the advantage.  Crying only works for women.  Also, if a woman "shows a little leg".  Sadly, attractive women get more breaks.  (guess that leaves me out :)

4. Keep your speed less than 10 miles per hour over the limit.  Simple enough.