It started on Sunday, and already it seems to be having more problems than the disastrous cruise it seeks to commemorate.

I mean, the Titanic was supposed to have been a good cruise until it hit the iceberg. But the memorial cruise seems to be having, well, problems. The trip was delayed for several hours by choppy water, and forced to detour to Cobb, Ireland until the waters calmed. But the difficulties were far from over.

Once the good ship Minnow...oh, sorry, Balmoral was able to resume its trip, it suddenly found it had a passenger who could not be treated by the ship's medical staff. Back to Cobb, where the passenger, reportedly a BBC cameraman, was airlifted to a hospital in what the trip's organizers called "a medical precaution".

Presuming the rest of the trip passes without incident [and boy, we hope it does], the ship will reach the site of the RMS Titanic in time for a memorial service this weekend, before arriving in North America early next week.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: this trip is creepy.