It's that time of year to stuff our faces with delicious turkey and treats and be thankful for everything that we have while being around the people we love.

However, some people don't have the opportunity to spend time with the ones they love because of their schedules. Delilah explains the story of how one of her listeners made a compromise when it came to getting together for Thanksgiving, and ever since, it's turned into a yearly tradition.

Time to kick off the holidays with a Thanksgiving tradition shared by loyal listener Aramis, whose work schedule several years back launched his family into one of their best traditions to date. I really like this one, but even better, I love that they gave it its own special name…

About 7 years back there was a conflict in work schedules for our usual Thanksgiving dinner. So...we decided to make our Thanksgiving celebration the Saturday prior so that we'd all be together. Initially it was my mother, brother and sister and our immediate families.

Considering we were having it the Saturday before, we decided to extend the invite to our other family and friends to share the love! Everyone brought goodies (food, drinks, dessert, etc.) to share! My brother's friend brought a cake with "Happy Josegiving" written on it to be humorous. (My brother’s name is Jose).

Sure enough, the tradition started and this November 23, we'll be celebrating our 7th "Josegiving" with all our loved ones. What makes this so great is that we share the day with everyone we care about as a group, without having the conflict we used to have about splitting up and not seeing one another. Thanksgiving Day is then shared with our spouses' family and friends who we may not have seen the prior weekend.


Do YOU have any special traditions for Thanksgiving? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post