Last week we told you about Kayli Reynolds, a member of the KAT raiders in the TYRO football league. Current league policy will not let girls play football with the boys. They will, however, let them be cheerleaders.

Kayli sat out Sunday’s game because if she had played at all her team would have been disqualified. Kayli has made it clear she does not want to switch leagues.

This past Monday league officials met on the matter but told the media they still need more time to reach a decision. And get this; any change would have to be voted on by the league’s officers and ten presidents! Wow, that’s almost as bad as the NFL!

Callers this morning to Joy-fm were on Kayli’s side. One caller made an excellent point, that woman are police and fire fighters, so why can’t Kayli play football on the boys  team? We also learned there are other girls in the TYRO league who are sitting out games. We’ll continue to follow the story. What do you think?