It's been 14 days and I am officially one of the bearded masses.  It has been a weird adjustment walking around with this thing because most of the time I forget I have it.


Also, to be clear, it's not that I couldn't grow a beard, I just never chose to.  Lots of guys cannot grow a complete beard, and have bare spots throughout.  I am Italian which means it's a hair party everywhere - except eventually on top of our heads.  Luckily that hair is still there and being flanked by ear and nose hair to complete the trifecta!

Shaving my neck has helped with the irritation and using conditioner on it has softened it.  That was a great listener tip and something I didn't think of.  I am open to more tips if you have them, and excited to see where the next 16 days takes this.  Once it's done, you get to decide what I do with it!