One of the perks of working with Val Townsend is that she always brings in fun items to test on me.  Sometimes it's great for me, and others are a complete disaster.  She doesn't seem to care either way, it's all fun for her!

Recently I was able to test out the new virtual reality eye mask and it changed my world, literally.  The last time I did the VR thing it was the 90's and it definitely was not like this. They gave it the old college try, but 2016 got it right.

I have been seeing the commercials with people wearing the masks with their phones attached inches from their face.  I was skeptical at how realistic it could be.  Val strapped me in and I found out real quick!  One minute I was in the studio, and the next I was strapped to a wheelchair going through a haunted mental hospital.

The cool part, besides the fact that you literally feel like you are inside a movie, is that you can look around.  You are not just force fed what's in front of you, you get to check out everything.  Look left, right, up, down and all around.  You get to enter a whole new world and the details are next level.

I spent 5 minutes going through a haunted mental hospital and interacting with the ghosts and creatures inside it.  It was a fun, freaky, and an incredible experience.  I kept thinking what is this technology going to be like in the next 5-10 years.  Will I be getting chased around my house by holograms??  God I hope so!!

I highly recommend you experience this for yourself.  It was amazing and it was cheap!  Val's headset was only $5.00.  I could see how if you spent a few more dollars you would get a better experience, but either way you can't go wrong.  Do yourself a favor and do it!