Parents want their children to reflect their sense of style. For the most part, that seems reasonable enough. But what if a parent thinks a child looks best in earrings or with a tattoo at a young age?

Sometimes I think I've got a lot of opinions about raising children for someone who doesn't have any kids. Here's another one:

Last weekend, I went to a music festival/street fair in Niagara Falls. Sitting in the food tent, I watched adults (the kid's grandparents, I'd guess) bringing a very young child into the tent to feed him a little snack. I was shocked to find out the boy had both his ears pierced with diamond (or maybe rhinestone) studs -- and no, it's not a gender issue. I just think nine months old is way too young for any child to have pierced ears.

A caveat: If a parent's religious or cultural beliefs favor infants in earrings, that's up to them. This child didn't seem to fall into either category, though I don't know for sure.

So what do you think? Should there be a minimum age to allow piercings (or tattoos, for that matter, unless, as noted, religious or ethnic issues are involved)? Jump in and answer the poll question, please:

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