I was pretty shocked by this list, mainly because MY all-time favorite Superbowl commercial didn't make the top 25, let alone the top 3 (Mine is the Budweiser ad that ran in 2011, where the Clydesdales are suited up, travel through the state to the city, and bow to the WTC site.  It still makes me choke up to this day).

Ads from the past 24 years were determined by USA Today's "Ad Meter" system, which is a "real-time consumer ranking of Super Bowl commercials."

Number 1:

Number 2:

And you'll find the rest here but I still can't believe the Clydesdales/9/11 Tribute one didn't make it!  I've got a tear in my eye now just POSTING it!

What's been your favorite of all time?

<3 LD