Ok, it's happened to everyone. Whether you're engaged, married or on the first date, at some point, we've all gotten annoyed by something. That little pet peeve that you can't let go of, and for some reason, it bugs the crap out of you. Here's what I found to be my top three. And please, if by all means you disagree, feel free to let loose.

I've been in all of these situations -- and luckily not with the same girl...

1. Being on the phone: FOR THE LOVE OF HOLY MOSES put down that phone. There is nothing more annoying when I'm trying to have dinner with you/speak to you, especially on the first few dates. You don't need to check twitter and you don't need to check facebook. Leave it in the car.

2. Boring or bad conversation: Perhaps, this is not so much a pet peeve but more an awkwardness or signal that's saying "hey, this probably isn't going to work if think I get more out of talking to my dog than you". It's not a good sign when either she's talking to much about herself or she's not letting you string a conversation together. Tip: Bad conversation consists of 'ex-talk'.

3. The bill: The ladies may get on my case for this one. By no means would I ever in a million years ask a girl on the date and expect her to pay for a thing. Not a chance. But, not even offering (or pretending to offer) would put me through the roof. I would never let her pay but those first few dates where she doesn't offer and EXPECTS it, is a huge turn off.

Maybe it's because I'm a guy that my list is only 3. I'm 100 percent positive any woman's list is much, MUCH longer than mine. What do you think?