For this week's Top 3 we head a tad south of Buffalo to Blasdell!  Here are the Top 3 thing to do while in Blasdell according to Trip Advisor!

A unique geological site you may not have known about! (Photo: Google Maps)

1.  Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center.  Who would have thought we'd have access to the ancient past and fossil history in Blasdell? Here's one happy reviewer:

"Warm weather is coming. As soon as the snow is off the ground we head for Penn Dixie and every year there are more improvements. Because it's easy to find the fossils, you just seem to want to keep looking. It's hard to decide how many you want to keep since you are allowed to keep whatever you find. We also enjoy the special events that are offered throughout the year, especially astrology activities, and rocketry, and snowshoeing, and......well, you get the picture. You should bring your own digging tools and containers for collecting and carrying your fossils home. There is just too much to tell about Penn Dixie so if you are interested just go to (Johhny-on-the-Spot)"

Google Maps

2.  McKinley Mall.  Kind of a no-brainer here.  We all have been to this mall at some point or another. Still it's number two on the reviews, and here's a review speaking about the conveniences of the mall:

"My family came to do some shopping on a Friday afternoon. The mall wasn't never seems to be busy. Got a parking spot right by one of the doors to Macys. Bought several items at Macys, Foot Locker, Zumiez and Laux plus lunch from Subway in just over 90 minutes. Not as many stores as The Galleria, but never as busy."

Google Maps

3.  Wild Birds Unlimited.  If you have birds as pets or a fan of our fine-feathered friends this is THE destination for you.  Here's a happy customer review:

"Husband and I drove all the way down to this shop from Damascus today in order to get a feeder to keep out the blasted starlings. The trip was well worth our while. What a terrific store! There were CDs of birdsong filling the air, a well-stocked shop featuring all the bird supplies you could want, and a well arranged store.

The salesman was very helpful and friendly, as was the saleslady I'd spoken to on the phone yesterday. And the resident kitty was a wonderful addition to the business as well.

I would have enjoyed staying longer but we needed to get back home again. I can highly recommend this business and will stop by anytime we're in the neighborhood."

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