Is the tread in your fuzzy slippers worn more than the tread on your cute heels?

Is the last time you got together with your friends no more than a Facebook chat and some random tweets?

Are you WAY overdue for a fun night out with some pals?

You deserve a night out...a night to just relax, unwind, and enjoy some wine.  With the incredible wineries (most from right here in New York State!) on site, you actually just might learn something too!

But don't let that deter you (hehehe)'ve still got plenty of time to line up a sitter (and if you don't already have Good Friday off, maybe line up a personal day Friday!) and get some friends together to hit our second annual wine tasting extravaganza!

Remember, for every ticket you buy, you also get a FREE collectible wine glass, as well as $25 toward dinner for two at E.B. Greens!

Watch for Reason #2 to come tomorrow from Brian Russel!

Get 'em are running out!

(Need a little more incentive?  Take a listen to this "ad"...)