Summer usually means a road trip. Whether it's visiting friends or a family vacation, Americans have an urge to hit the road! But is the road trip becoming a thing of the past? Over the holiday weekend  I talked with a lot of people who have decided to stay close to home because of the high cost of gasoline! In WNY we seem to pay more for gas. So how much of the cost of gas is actually taxes. See if this surprises you. Here are the top five states with the highest gas tax per gallon:

1. Conneticutt, 70.3 cents goes to the taxman.

2. New York, we're number two. But at least we're not number one! 69.1 cents in tax per gallon. Come on Albany, we're only 1.3 cents from being number one. You can do it!

3. California at 69.8 cents.

4. Illinois at 69 cents per gallon.

5. Hawaii comes in fifth at 67.8 cents a gallon. Hey they have an excuse, they're an island six hours from the main land!