Football season is back. Time to show your team spirit! Every college I know has some sort of team mascot. Most of the time they make sense and kind of fit in with the team. But that's not the case with this group! Let's take a look at some unusual college mascots:

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    The "Ragin' Cajun"

    If your headed to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette check out the meanest looking Cayenne pepper. You Can put them in your chili, so why not on a football field. Where's Adam Sandler's water boy character when you need him!

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    The Evergreen State Geoduck

    What's a Geoduck? Glad you asked! Pronounced goo-ee-duck, it's a large saltwater clam. Probably good with Cayenne peppers.(see above!)

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    Artie the Artichoke

    The student body at Scottsdale Community College was upset with the school for spending a lot of money on their athletic program. So they held an election to pick a school mascot and the artichoke won! The school has yet to officially sanction Artie, but he's here to stay.

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    Sammy the Banana Slug

    The University of California at Santa Cruz came up with this gem. A Banana Slug is slow and slimy. Their football team must be really bad!

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    The Fighting Okra

    I like my okra breaded and deep fried. But that wouldn't fit in with the mascot at Delta State University. he's a mean, green, fighting machine!