Reports this morning frm the CBC indicate that three Via Rail employees, all in the locomotive section, died in a train derailment in the southern Ontario city of Burlington on Sunday afternoon.

"There's no question it's very tragic. We're a relatively small company, we're a family, we know everyone by name," said Via chief operating officer John Marginson, speaking to reporters at the scene"We certainly feel for the families of the colleagues that we lost," said Marginson, who added that there was no fuel leak at the site. The derailment involved five cars as well as the locomotive. "It's very premature to speculate … but obviously something went very wrong," he said..

Halton police want to speak to any witnesses who saw the derailment. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 905-823-4747, ext. 2306.

The Toronto-bound train was travelling from the Niagara Falls area when it went off the tracks.

Investigators from the federal Transportation Safety Board will examine the train's "black box," to try and determine the cause . Officials say such investigations usually take at least a year.

(From CBC)