As OCD as I am about things, I must admit: I'm quite the procrastinator. I'm not proud of it...but of all the bad habits out there, procrastination is the easiest to pick up, and the hardest to get rid of.

Here are some preventative measures that you may have heard before...but probably because they're supposed to work!

  1. Set deadlines even when you don't need to. This creates "windows of opportunity", and setting it when you don't even need to makes the deadline YOUR idea. Some of us work better under deadlines, even if they're our own.
  2. Create accountability. We usually procrastinate things that don't really matter to anyone FIND someone who will hold you accountable. You'll be more likely to follow through.
  3. Break big projects into manageable tasks. Not starting something at ALL is the worst, and it's mostly because you're feeling overwhelmed by a huge project. Baby steps.
  4. Do a little each day. It helps in two ways -- first, you're constantly getting closer to the goal, and second, your brain is working on it over time. You'll come up with better solutions than if you do it all at the last minute.

I was going to post a cute picture of a kitten here...but I didn't get around to it. ;)