Twenty-six-month-old Kira Palermo is used to being part of a trio.  The little girl is among triplets born to Dan and Kari Palermo.  Kira is also one of three people in the world born with a rare blood-platelet disorder.

Kira is back home with her family in Western New York today after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in Cincinnati in hopes of curing an extremely rare blood-platelet disorder.  Ironically, the triplet is one of three people in the world with Medich Giant Platelet Disorder which means she has trouble making blood platelets. 

Kira has spent the last six months at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital where she had the transplant. Kira's sisters, Sarah and Annaliese, were donors.  Initially, Anna donated marrow to Kira and later Sarah donated white blood cells to help her sister.  The odds of both girls being a match for Kira were only about 25-percent.  Turns out three may have been a lucky number for Kira.

Kira's family received free transportation to and from Cincinnati from volunteer pilots via the Wings Flights of Hope  program based here in Western New York.  (The group is conducting a fundraiser this weekend.  For more info, click here.)