It had to happen sooner or later. I always thought if we could figure out how to attach a cell phone directly to our brain someone would do it! This new device brings you closer to your cell phone than ever by letting you control it with power of thought. The XWave headset is here today and, experts say, pointing the way to a strange new tomorrow. The device uses an array of sensor to detect the faint electrical impulses your brain creates whenever you think. The impulses are picked up by the $100 headset, which translates them into digital signals used to control iPhones or other "smart" cellular telephones. "With XWave, you will be able to detect attention and meditation levels, as well as train your mind to control things," the company's Web site declares. "Objects in a room can be controlled, lights in your living room can change color depending on your mood the possibilities are only limited to the power of your imagination." (Sun)