Have you ever seen people at a funeral or wake, checking their iPhones for messages or the rest of that day's schedule? Is there anything more disrespectful to the mourners, never mind the memory of the deceased?

Last Friday, at the funeral service for philanthropist Myra Kraft, wife of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, attendees were tweeting the names of some of the celebrities who were paying their respects [a list that included political, financial.and athletic superstars]. Apparently, most of the tweets were not being sent by reporters covering the service [I still find such messages sent from the service in very poor taste, but at least it could be argued that they were doing their jobs].

Can you imagine the reaction of family and friends who'd come for a solemn memorial when they found out what had happened? Can you imagine your reaction if it had happened at the funeral of someone you loved, someone you cared deeply about? Truly, have we lost our sense of respect, our sense of the sacred?