I took my family to see 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' this weekend.  We didn't get into the series until last Christmas, so this was the first time we actually saw a 'Twilight' movie in a theater.

$55 later, it didn't disappoint.  We all loved it.  We may have gone overboard with the junk food.  At the height of the movie, my daughter turns to me and said her stomach hurt.  I told her to take deep breathes, and it passed.  I didn't want to leave the theater.  Good thing she was alright :)

None of have read the books, so not sure if the ending was the same as it was in the movie.  We were all shocked when the battle scene really wasn't a battle at all.  OK, that's all I'll say about that.  Don't want to give too much away. 

If you haven't gotten into it yet, it's not too late.  Too bad there aren't more movies.  Enjoy!