I've always heard that everyone has a twin out there [although where "out there" is is never clearly defined]. Over the years, I've seen a few of them, usually sitting a row or two over on the bus. You may have run into one or two of yours as well. But how many name twins do you have?

This all came up when I found this item on HuffingtonPost.com. Post editor Emma Gray stumbled over an acount of another woman named, yes, Emma Gray. As you'd expect, the American Gray discovered her English counterpart had some things in common, and some wildly unlike her.

It got me thinking. It reminded me of an exercise some people do, looking themselves up on Google [sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to see what embarassing items are on the Internet about them]. I've never had much good luck with that kind of search, but I'd never tried it on Facebook.

As you may have noticed, my family doesn't use the most common spelling of "Riley". But I thought I might still run into a few. Well, I ran into thousands! Probably the most famous of them has been a football coach for years. He coached briefly in the NFL and CFL, but has spent the last few years at Oregon State University.

I also found the gentleman pictured above. Turns out he's even in the business, working as a radio/TV announcer in Boston, MA. We've never met, but I did "like" his page. If I hear back, I'll let you know.

Do you have any name twins? Have you ever met them? Do you have any amusing stories about them you'd like to share ['cause this item could use a laugh or two]? Well, add your adventures, here or on ou