Think Twitter is only for the young folks?  Think again.  85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet out a month ago. If it's good enough for the pontiff, it's good enough for YOU! :)

CBS News

At Joy FM, we're launching a new Twitter-based contest (with more to come!) in the next few days...and I don't want you to miss out!

Signing up is simple.  You can do it on your smartphone OR at the online Twitter page.

For use on internet:

  • Go to Twitter's website.
  • Create a username and password.
  • JoyFM, Laura Daniels,

    When we pop up, click "follow"!

    JoyFM, Laura Daniels,

    Great! Now, send us a tweet!  Start by clicking the pen/paper thingy-ma-bob

    JoyFM, Laura Daniels,

    You're doin' swell!  Now, create a tweet!  If you want to tweet at us, you'd first type in "Hi @961joyfm I think you're great!" (or something to that effect)

    For use on smartphones:

    1. Download the Twitter app to your smartphone either through Google Play Store or iTunes App Store (it's FREE!).
    2. Create a username and password.
    3. Follow along #3 above!

    For a really, really great explanation in plain English on how to use your Twitter, I found this great site.  It's like Twitter for me. :)

    You're all set!  While you're at it, follow MY account too -- @LauraDaniels961! See you in the Twitterverse!!!

    <3 LD