Is it just me?  I've been saying that alot lately it seems.  Tonights Presidential debate is being held "Town Hall Style" with 80 "Undecided" voters in attendance.  UNDECIDED.  Can someone explain this to me?

Please explain how someone in this day and age doesn't have definate ideas about what they want from their politicians...their political parties.  Now I know ALOT of people who voted for Obama who are NOT happy with what he's done so far but SO unhappy that they would vote for someone who holds OPPOSITE opinions?  I don't get it.

Now I would NEVER tell anyone how to vote...seriously...I LOVE to debate as to WHY you are voting for said person but that is an individual right-which is why this country rocks!  But there are certain things I will always believe that the other does not.  Beliefs about "entitlements", birth control, the death get the idea.

And so unless you suddenly have a life-changing epiphany about where you stand on the issues I don't undestand you Mr and Mrs "Undecided" voter.  But the really GREAT thing is-I don't have to...because we live in a free country.

So...take your time and figure it out.  It's your right!

And let me know if you want to debate...I'm always up for that!