For some reason, I seem to have become the unofficial Travel Editor here.Among other topics, I've written about the official Angry Birds theme park, and three unusual vacation destinations Now here I am again, with a new attraction that you just can't avoid [or maybe you can, I don't know]!

Looking at the picture, you must be thinking, "Oh no, he's not taking us to a toilet-themed restaurant." Well, I'm not. The restaurant, for what it's worth, is in Shanghai China. Actually, I want to show you the first toilet-themed theme park.It's located in beautiful Suwon, South Korea, and to prove I'm not making this up, here's a report from the BBC on the park [you do believe the BBC, don't you?]:
[sukender p/YouTube]

Have you ever heard of a holiday stop more outrageous than the toilet theme park [have you ever been to an attraction more over the top?]? Let us know about it, here or on our Facebook page. Who knows, perhaps the big bosses might even kick in to send me there. Somebody please remind me to make sure it's not a one-way ticket...