Last week the common council agreed to let the provision expire that allowed underage patrons to enter bars in the chippewa district.  Underage patrons ARE allowed in different parts of the city and are NOT allowed to drink unless they are 21.

I live a block from the Chippewa district and I for one can tell you how HAPPY I am about this decision.  What blossomed out of the "college night" that the bars were promoting (underage kids allowed on thursday nights) was a rash of "tailgate parties" around my neighborhood.  Kids realizing it might not be easy to sneak a drink from an older friend would park in my lot and party in their cars before heading to the bars.  What the neighborhood had to deal with was empty liquor bottles, trash and drunk underaged kids screaming how drunk they were at 4am when the bars closed.  Needless to say, my neighbors are thrilled with this decision.

To me it opens up a question many have been asking for years...if a young person is trusted with the right to vote AND enter the military and carry a gun to protect and serve his country...why are we not trusting them to drink?

Back in the eighties, I was one of the lucky ones...I just missed the deadline.  I was able to drink when I was 18 years old and just starting college.  I think of the freedom I felt at being away from my family, in a new place with new people and new adult responsibilities...of course at that time I felt it my responsibility to HAVE FUN!!!  WHOO HOO!!!  FREEDOM!!!!  But honestly, I think it's a rite of passage.  Some kids handle it better than others.  Come to think of it I know alot of ADULTS who can't handle it.