Do me a favor for a second and close your eyes. Take yourself to a place of ultimate of relaxation and joy. Maybe you picture yourself on a beach somewhere, or on top of a mountain overviewing the skies and everything below. Breathe in and breathe out.


Open your eyes. Feel relaxed? Good.


Now I'm about to tell you about something that will make what you just felt seem pathetic. Believe it or not there is something out there that will make you feel better then you just did. A magical place where dreams come true and rainbows and unicorns surround you. (Okay, maybe not really)


That place is called Dora Sarchese Vineyard in Italy, where they just installed a 24-hour, ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK fountain that dispenses Red Wine. Oh... and it's FREE. YES I SAID FREE RED WINE!!!


The dispenser pours locally produced Vino. This is the first of it's kind in Italy, and according to the owners it's available to everyone except "Drunkards" and "Louts".


I have never wanted to travel to a place more in my entire life then I right now. I'm sure once my trip was completed the owners of the fountain would immediately shut down the site and realize they made a huge mistake allowing me to partake.


Would you travel to go see this? Is this your idea of a dreamland? Comment below and let me know!