Buzfeed listed some of the 'most unusual' Olympic Rules. Some of them we agree with, some seem like common sense, all are a bit on the weird side. Who thinks these up?

1. Water polo: no groin-grabbing.

Players can be thrown out for kicking, elbowing, or any other "act of brutality" -- so no grabbing an opponent's crotch, also don't splash an opponent in the face (c'mon kids).

2. Open-water swimming: no jumping on the bottom.
Open water swimming (includes the men's and women's 10 km marathon) allows swimmers to stand on the bottom during the race, but "they may not walk or jump". "Swimmers are allowed to use grease to prevent chafing of their armpits or inner thighs, but only if it's not "excessive." (also no tantrums on the bottom of the pool)

3. Women's gymnastics: leotards must be "elegant" and "proper."
Each female gymnast must wear a "correct sportive non transparent leotard or unitard... which must be of elegant design."
(hmmm can we have the same rules for the Fair?)

These are only a few, some of our favorites, Buzzfeed has seven more!