If you are like me (or almost everyone else), you have ordered many items from Amazon and have a collection of boxes.  Instead of recycling those boxes or having them sit in a pile in your basement, you can put them to good use.


The organization Give Back Box in conjunction with Amazon and the Goodwill, is paying the shipping if you fill and send an amazon box with donations to Goodwill.  How easy is that??  You get something new, so send off something old or that you're not using and it costs you nothing.


For more information on this great opportunity to give, and for details on how to print your free shipping label, go to GiveBackBox.com.  This is not just limited to Amazon boxes either, in fact any box you want to use will work.  As long as you are donating, they will ship it to Goodwill free!


So many of us are blessed with so many things, and it's great that an organization like this exists to make it even easier to help out the less fortunate.  This is what the holidays are all about!