It's nice to get out and soak up the sun. After a long winter, I welcome it with open arms. I never forget the sunscreen and neither should you.  I often tease my friends who insist on going out in the sun without protection and wind up looking like a lobster straight from the sea. 

Every sunscreen is not created equal. Just because it says SPF 85 does not mean that it's the best. Grabbing the highest number often leads to big misconceptions. The UVB number is based upon sunburn protection, it has nothing to do with premature aging and skin cell damage.

The higher number sunscreens may also pose a health risk due to added chemicals in the product. Read you labels carefully and watch for retinyl palmitate and/or oxybenzone. IF you see either chemical consider leaving it on the shelf. Retinyl palimate has been shown to cause lesions and oxybenzone can cause hormone disruption.

Via Yahoo