I love being active, and I'm no stranger to the gym. In fact, in lieu of having an actual social life, I usually just spend all my free time there.

But today, I thought I would try Beer Yoga, a fitness concept that helps you fit a beer into your busy workout schedule!

Yogi Angela Bottone balances with a brew, total warrior.

I checked out "Bend and Brews" at the new West Shore Brewing Company in Clarence. The class was taught by one of my favorite yogis, Angela Bottone. I used to take classes regularly with Angela, but haven't in some time.

Whoa, big mistake taking a hiatus from yoga.

I totally forgot how hard yoga can be!

However, add the promise of an ice cold beer to it at the end of my Vinyasa flow, and suddenly I felt the energy building within.

And the sweat.

Beer Yoga events seem to be popping up all over in WNY. According to Facebook, some of my friends are headed to one at Bar Louie tomorrow. Facebook is a great place to find out about these events. West Shore Brewing Company has another "Bend & Brews" scheduled for next month.

Get some inner peace, and then try the Ginger-Lemon Shandy. Neither will disappoint.