The Basil 'Vehicles for Vets' has started! The final giveaway will be on August 14th at the Erie County Fair, also Veterans Day at the Fair - free admission to all those who are serving & have served! There will be 9 finalists total, and they can win a new car or $21,000 in Basil bucks towards the purchase of a vehicle.


Kenneth Wesolowski is our next finalist and he was nominated by his friend Rosemarie Proulx! Here is what she wrote:

"Ken Wesolowski. Deserves to win, both he and his wife are marines, and now his daughter. Ken served in desert storm. His values are outstanding and his pride at being a marine is without question. Ken always wants to help everyone. He is always boosting morale at work and always making sure that when our flag at work is replaced when torn. His family goes to the big marine rallies and parades. I am very proud to be his friend. He is the most patriotic person I know."