Women have been complaining for some time now that the models who display clothes at fashion shows don't look anything like the people who'll actually wear them. Now a major international fashion media player says enough is enough.

For some reason [which, as a guy, I've never understood], fashion designers seem to prefer their clothing be demonstrated by unhealthily slender women. In some cases they've even used models under the age of 16, trying to get the most slender look possible.

Now Vogue magazine [19 international editions] is pledging that they will no longer use models under the age of 16, or any models who seem to be suffering from anorexia. Conde Nash, the parent company of the magazines, says the move is part of the company's "committment to the health of the models...and the well-being of their readers".

Women have suffered anguish and illness from being unable to have model-size meassurements and lead a healthy life. The Vogue decision will probably force fashion designers to create clothing that can be worn by normal-sized women.

Do you think the new policy is helpful?