This is it! We're down to the "Top 20" in our Western New York's Cutest Baby contest.

Check out the photos of our final finalists, then cast your vote in the poll below. You may vote once per day from now until noon on Wednesday, May 22. (Friendly reminder: You MUST be a Joy FM VIP to vote; if you're not a member, sign up now!)

Then, Laura Daniels will announce the winner on Thursday morning (May 23) during the Joy Morning Rush!

NOTE: Joy FM reserves the right to disqualify entrants for cheating. One vote per Joy FM VIP per day, please!

Alivia (Submitted By Kristen Martell)

Alivia Submitted By Kristen Martell

Austin (Submitted By Tiffani Balch)

Austin Submitted By Tiffani Balch

Brayden (Submitted By Sheri Tudor)

Brayden Submitted By Sheri Tudor

Cole (Submitted By Lindsay Hardman)

Cole Submitted By Lindsay Hardman

Colton (Submitted By Stephanie Foster)

Colton Submitted By Stephanie Foster

Dylan (Submitted By Dawn Colosimo)

Dylan Submitted By Dawn Colosimo

Emma (Submitted By Katie Sivic)

Emma Submitted By Katie Sivic

Evelyn (Submitted By Nikki Brooks)

Evelyn Submitted By Nikki Brooks

Kyler (Submitted By Timothy Bushen)

Kyler Submitted By Timothy Bushen

Mackenzie (Submitted By Teresa Carey)

Mackenzie Submitted By Teresa Carey

Madison (Submitted By Amanda Talty)

Madison Submitted By Amanda Talty

Nixon (Submitted By Melissa Zgoda)

Nixon Submitted By Melissa Zgoda

Nolan (Submitted By Laura Fisk)

Nolan Submitted By Laura Fisk

Nora (Submitted By Betsy Hendricks)

Nora Submitted By Betsy Hendricks

Ray Ray (Submitted By Kristie Keidel)

Ray Ray Submitted By Kristie Keidel

Sammy (Submitted By Ashley Pandolfi)

Sammy Submitted By Ashley Pandolfi

Sofia (Submitted By Barbora Pignatora)

Sofia Submitted By Barbora Pignatora

Sophie Solei (Submitted By Angel Krenek)

Sophie Solei Submitted By Angel Krenek

Thomas (Submitted By Krissy Stapleton)

Thomas Submitted By Krissy Stapleton

Vivian (Submitted By Katy Burgler)

Vivian Submitted By Katy Burgler