Moving to a new city can be daunting for a few reason. First of all, I hate the actual moving process. Packing, moving, unpacking -- I hate all of it! On top of that, you have to find new everything -- doctors, dentists, restaurants, you have to learn a new grocery store, and, worst of all, finding a new hairstylist.

I had JUST found a person I liked where I used to live, and I was in that town for five years! Lucky for me, the girls I work have been helpful in most things, but I have been holding out on the hairstylist. My other problem is that I never know what to do with my hair, which is the other reason I've been procrastinating to find a hairstylist.

I finally decided it was time to do something with my hair late last week after getting frustrated with it, and I need your help! Our friends at Kalu Salon and Day Spa are going to cut my hair, but YOU get to vote on what it will look like. I think we have become friends over the last year I've lived here, and I trust you!

I went in for a consultation last week, and Tammy Pollino, who is the owner of Kalu Salon and Day Spa, paired me up with one of her rockstar stylists, Dominae, and she gave me some options you can see below. Dominae studied in Utah for a year and lived in Los Angeles until she fell in love with a Buffalonian, and that's how we got her here!

Here are the choices:

Drew Barrymore -- Chin-length bob with blonde color

Drew Barrymore (Getty)

Katherine McPhee -- Medium length with ombre color

Katherine McPhee (Getty)

Sandra Bullock -- Long layers and a light brown color with caramel highlights

Sandra Bullock (Getty)

The colors and lengths can be mixed and matched, and the winning cut and color will be announced on Friday (February 28) around 2 p.m. on The New 96.1 Joy FM! Help me out -- I need your input!

Vote for Heather's new hair color:

Vote for Heather's haircut: