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Augusto Giovanni (Submitted By Rachel Sosa)

Augusto Giovanni Submitted By Rachel Sosa

Charlie (Submitted By Kasey Duffy)

Charlie Submitted By Kasey Duffy

Charlotte (Submitted By Kelly Skok)

Charlotte Submitted By Kelly Skok

Chloe (Submitted By Lisa Serafini)

Chloe Submitted By Lisa Serafini

Easton (Submitted By Lindsey Waite)

Easton Submitted By Lindsay Waite

Elizabeth (Submitted By Alicia Long)

Elizabeth Submitted By Alicia Long

Ella (Submitted By Samantha Mussari)

Ella Submitted By Samantha Mussari

Emma Diane (Submitted By Kristi Rogers)

Emma Diane Submitted By Kristi Rogers

Erinn (Submitted By Ashton Watts-Lanighan)

Erinn Submitted By Ashton Watts-Lanighan

Gianna (Submitted By Cait DePasquale)

Gianna Submitted By Cait DePasquale