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Amelia (submitted by Debbie Nichols)

Amelia Paige Submitted By Debbie Nichols

Bailey (submitted by Olivia Goode)

Bailey Submitted By Olivia Goode

Charlotte (submitted by Patricia Seychew)

Charlotte Submitted By Patricia Seychew

Emma (submitted by Rebecca Gervase)

Emma Submitted By Rebecca Gervase

Evelyn (submitted by Nikki Brooks)

Evelyn Submitted By Nikki Brooks

Kahryeem (submitted by Anncollette Daniel)

Kahryeem Submitted By Anncollette Daniel

Lily (submitted by John Tomasello)

Lily Submitted By John Tomasello

Macy (submitted by Magen McHugh)

Macy Jane Submitted By Megan McHugh

Makenna (submitted by Amanda Hacker)

Makenna Submitted By Amanda Hacker

Sophia (submitted by Jackie Staniszewski)

Sophia Louise Submitted By Jackie Staniszewski