Joy FM is searching for Western New York’s Cutest Baby! Take a look at this group’s photos, then vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this page. (You must be a Joy FM VIP to vote; if you’re not one yet, sign up now!)

We’ll be collecting votes until noon on Friday, May 10 – then we’ll narrow the voting pool to the top 50 vote-getters. You can vote once per hour, so make sure to come back and help your favorite baby move on to the next round!

Aubrey (Submitted By Katelynn Kuhn)

Aubrey Submitted By Katelynn Kuhn

Ava (Submitted By Judy Haynes)

Ava Submitted By Judy Haynes

Brayden (Submitted By Kevin Klaich)

Brayden Submitted By Kevin Klaich

Colton (Submitted By Deanna Russo)

Colton Submitted By Alyssa Michalak

Corinne (Submitted By Deanna Russo)

Corinne Submitted By Deanna Russo

Dennis Matthew (Submitted By Katie Daley)

Dennis Matthew Submitted By Katie Daley

Elly (Submitted By Karen Boettcher)

Elly Submitted By Karen Boettcher

Jackson (Submitted By Amy Nies)

Jackson Submitted By Amy Nies

Madeline (Submitted By Kevin Baginski)

Madeline Submitted By Kevin Baginski

Payton (Submitted By Kelley Bator)

Payton Submitted By Kelley Bator