My daughter and I sat in the waiting room of a doctor's office  Friday afternoon for one hour and 20 minutes.  I developed a bad feeling in my stomach when we arrived at our scheduled appointment time to find the waiting room so crowded we initially both could not sit down. 

We had never been to this doctor's office, so I really can't say if this is the norm or if there was some sort of special circumstances.  No one from the office came out and apologized or informed any of us of anything out of the ordinary.  We were there about half an hour and finally both sitting when I completed the paperwork, handed it in and asked how much longer we would be waiting.  I was told an hour.  It turned out we waited a total of an hour and 20 minutes between the time we arrived and being placed in a patient room.  We were seen by one of the medical staff, not the actual doctor.  I really could not believe we sat there that long.  Years ago, I remember waiting at medical appointments, but it seems that most doctors have become aware that our time is precious too.  I generally wait 15-20 minutes, at most a half an hour.  I think anything more than that is rude, unless someone from the office informs you of the reason things are running behind and gives you the option to reschedule.  So, how long is too long to wait around at the doctor's office?