Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster left the opportunity open for Nik Wallenda to return to the Falls as part of a Daredevil Festival.

"Mayor Diodati and I, Mayor Diodati is from Niagara Falls, Ontario... jointly invited Nik to come back next year for something we're tentatively calling a Daredevil Festival Weekend. We're going to highlight Nik's achievement but also the history of the daredevils at the Falls," he said.

Dyster called the tightrope walk, which was watched by 120,000 on both sides of the border Friday night, a huge success for the Niagara Falls economy.

"I think we did some good for the economy over the weekend, but I think the greatest good to come from this is still yet to happen," Dyster added.

Dyster has hopes that Wallenda will  perform at the Falls on a semi-permanent basis.