...and, I should add, it won't cost you a cent.

What's the catch? Well, the daredevils you'll see are no longer with us.

Oakwood Cemetery in Niagara Falls, NY is the final stop for stunters as diverse as Annie Edson Taylor, first person to go over the Falls in a barrel [on her 63rd birthday, no less!], and British champion swimmer Matthew Webb, who was killed attempting to swim the Rapids below Niagara Falls. You can see their graves, and others, during a special tour at Oakwood Friday and Saturday [there's a fee for the Saturday tours, but the Friday afternoon walk, at 2 PM, is free. Word is that international TV cameras will be on the scene, and the cemetery wants a crowd. Preferably alive...].

Not everybody enjoys a ramble through a cemetery, but this trip sounds like it'll be educational and [dare I say it?] entertaining. Whether you're watching Nik Wallenda in person or on TV Friday night, it's a good start to your day.

And did I mention it's free?