There always seems to be those one or two people that are hardest to get a little gift for during the holidays.

However, Delilah gives a list of ideas for some great stocking stuffers, or just a little something you want to get for someone on your list.

I don’t usually have a hard time with stocking stuffers for my young kids; it’s the adults that are a bit harder to shop for. What do you stuff in a stocking for the adult crowd? Here’s a list of some creative gifts that won’t break the bank but will add some fun to your Christmas morning. These are also great in gift packages or as white elephant gifts too…
Favorite magazine
Coffee or tea samples
Sample cologne or perfume
Fancy chocolate bar
Bacon bandage strips
Spinning toothbrush
Scented soaps
Colorful socks
Barbecue sauce
Pocket knife
Playing cards
Minty gum
Cookie cutters
Cuff links or tie
Lip balm
Pocket sanitizer or lotion
Homemade fudge or cookies
Stress ball
Silly oven mitt
Nail polish and file
Decorative duct tape
Salt and pepper shakers

Do YOU have any ideas for some great stocking stuffers or little gifts? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post