It's a bitter cold weekend in western New York. Like most people I was always told that the car should be warmed up before beginning to drive in the winter...

Turns out, warming up and idling your car is totally unnecessary according to a mechanic in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He says that with new cars and the modern fuel injection systems the need for carbuerators and chokes have gone away. The only reason to idle is to get the oil circulating in the engine, but that is done after thirty seconds.

Some cities have created ordinances against warming up or idling your cars.

So, after all not warming up or idling your car isn't causing any known damage to your car. Let's be real though, I still will warm up my car because we're in the midst of another cold winter in western New York.  I do want my windows to defrost and I always love to get into a toasty warm vehicle.